Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our First Snow!!!

Well we got our first snow on Tues night this week. We woke up on Wed morning and the ground was covered. It didn't last long once the sun came out it was melted by the afternoon. It was pretty while it lasted!

This was taken outside our front door (The mountains are behind the clouds). I will try to post some pictures this week of our house for all of you that haven't seen it yet!

The road in front of our townhouse.

I got a picture while it was snowing of our patio/grill

And this is Jack after going out in his 1st Colorado snow. He loves snow and loves to dig his head in it:)

Pumpkin Show West

Last weekend we went to the Pumpkin Show West! Dan's Uncle & Aunt lived in Circleville, OH home of the largest pumpkin show you have ever seen! Last year we went to the pumpkin show in Circleville for the first time and we couldn't believe how huge it was. This year we had a great time at David and Polly's house eating LOTS of pumpkin flavored foods and hanging out with everyone!

Dan and Emily ready to dig in to all that yummy food!

Emily and me relaxing before the party starts:)

There are so many desserts that I never knew could be made out of pumpkin!

Polly slaving hard in the kitchen

The house was so full of people everywhere that it was hard to even walk through it! It was great!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Surprise Visit to Ohio!!!

Two weeks ago I decided to make a surprise visit to Ohio for my mom's birthday. She was shocked!!! We video taped me walking in her classroom and surprising her! Dad was able to get a substitute teacher for her without knowing. We spent the whole day on Friday together shopping and just hanging out for the day! On Saturday the rest of the family came and we all celebrated her birthday! Unfortunately Dan was unable to come with me, but it was good to see some of my friends and family again!

We were able to spend the day with Laura on Thursday. We took the boys to McDonald's and they were pumped to play on the playground while we were able to have some girl time!

These little trampolines were so much fun for the boys!

We had a hard time getting Caleb to look at the camera.....he didn't want to stop playing for pictures:)

The weather was gorgeous and I borrowed mom's bike so Dad and I could take a couple bike rides while I was there. So relaxing to just take a bike ride in the country:)

Caleb loves playing in tents.........

And so does "Pa Pa"........

They played so hard that this was the result.......

I cherish the times I get to play with my nephew:)

I love this picture! Caleb didn't want to just pet the dog....he wanted to be taken on a ride!

Sisterly love.......
Caleb loved helping Grandma blow out her birthday candles:)

There's always room for desert!

It was such a treat to get to see Nicki while I was home. Just so happened we flew home around the same times! I loved getting to have a Bob Evans breakfast and spend time with my girl friends!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emily's 21st Birthday!

Sunday September 28th was Emily's birthday and we were just getting back from our big hike so we celebrated Emily's birthday on Monday! We started out by going to the license bureau and I got my new Colorado license and she got her new license also! We spent the rest of the day out by the pool/hot tub at her apartment. The weather here has been so sunny and warm everyday, I love it!

We had some fruity drinks to celebrate with:)

What else do two girls without a job do during the day!