Saturday, April 19, 2008

Girls Night!

We had a girls night friday night at Britnye's house and we had so much fun! We missed our husbands, of course, but it was so good to set aside a night to laugh, eat pizza, and just be girls! Oh, and I can't leave out our work out video (Turbo Jam).

Heather, Hillary, and I making the pizza

Heather, Hillary, and Britnye of girls!

I got to stand there and laugh at the girls while they were doing the Turbo Jam and I took the pictures. I'm sure they will appreciate seeing these on my blog:)

Hillary is definitely serious about her work out. Look at that face!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baseball Game

On Monday Dan drove up to Detroit and met his grandpa (Poppy) and his cousin Molly to watch a Tigers game. They had a lot of fun together! They had great seats right above the Tigers dugout!

Dan and Poppy (A couple studly guys)
Molly with the Tiger mascot

Dan on the Tigers dugout before the game!

Monday, April 14, 2008

McCool Family

I went home this last weekend to go to my friend Meghan's wedding and to visit my family. Dan was not able to go with me because he had a lot of school work to do. My sister-n-law Julie and I went to the wedding together and had a lot of fun! Meghan looked beautiful and her and Chad are such a cute couple!

Meghan and I before the wedding!

Giving their vows

(turned out a little blurry)

This is one of the cutest wedding cakes I have ever seen!

For any of you out there that are planning a wedding, this is the best idea ever.....they had a candy bar there! It was such a big hit! I ate so much candy that I wasn't hungry for my meal! YUMMY!

The wedding party!

Two hot chicks busting a move on the dance floor!

Julie and Jackie getting their groove on! It was so fun to see Jackie at the wedding! She brought her finance Mark and her newborn baby, Hadley. Hadley was just so adorable!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Deer at the Park!

We went to the park tonight to take a walk and we saw the coolest thing! I have never been so excited to take pictures of deer before but I had just never seen that many at one time! that may not be the coolest thing you'll ever see, but it was so neat to see them all together and to watch the babies playing with each other!

Easter Weekend!!!

We had lots of fun when we came home easter weekend! I realized I didn't really get any pictures with Dan in them, nor did I get any pictures on Easter Day. I wasn't very good with the camera that weekend, but here are some of the few pics that I did take!

Hanging out around the house!

Poor Caleb was sick over that weekend, but he still seemed to put on a smile and have fun with all of us:)

Me and Jules

Caleb sitting on the steps with all of his stuffed animals he got in his Easter basket. He's holding an egg filled with his favorite.......M&M's! Which later Jazz the dog got into and ate the rest of what Caleb didn't finish.

As you can see, Jazz and Max like to con their way into getting food. Jazz was successful with the M&M's and later Max was successful in eating Dan's ham. Dan filled his plate with ham on Sunday evening and decided he would leave his plate on the coffee table while he went to bathroom. Little did he know that while he was in the bathroom, Max was eating ALL the ham on his plate. Happy Easter to Max:)

These are the last two puppies. They finally sold the last puppy and decided they wanted to keep one.

I stole this picture off Laura's blog! We got to visit George and Laura Friday night and we always have so much fun with them! We played guitar hero and chilled on the couches and talked!

This picture reminds me of old pictures I have of us on the couches when we lived together at the Hill St Apartment!