Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Two things that Dan loves...hiking shoes and the Goodwill. So Dan came home from Goodwill the other day so excited because he found some Keen shoes for Miles. If you know Dan, he wears his Keens almost everyday! He's been wanting to get some for Miles since he was born. They are just too expensive to justify buying for a kid that will grow out of them so fast. He found a pair of blue Keens that probably won't fit Miles until he is about 3 years old, but we just had to get a picture with them on his feet!!!


As a Dental Hygienist, I always said, "My kid will never suck their thumb!" After seeing it affect so many kids teeth and seeing what a hard habit it is to break, (being a former thumb sucker myself) I thought for sure it would be easy to just give him a pacifier and that would solve the problem. Well not if he doesn't want the pacifier! Haha!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bear Suit!!!

So we have this bear suit that someone gave us for Miles before he was born. Ever since Miles was born Dan has been dying to put him in the bear suit, but we've just never had the right occasion to dress him in it. So this morning while I was eating my breakfast, Dan comes in to the living room with Miles in his bear suit! He was so cute I had to post pictures of him!!!
I love this one! His look says it all! What the heck am I wearing?!?!

Here are some pictures my cousin Em and I took of Miles the other day and I messed with the effects of the pictures....they turned out pretty good! As you can see he is smiling a lot more now and talking to us a lot too!!! He's changing and developing more all the time! So fun to watch!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blodgett Trail

Our first "Big Hike"with Miles........Blodgett Peak (9,400 ft). We went on a pretty difficult hike yesterday with Miles. At times I felt like a "Bad Parent" because parts of the trail were so steep. You know my husband though....when he gets his mind set to do a hike he won't turn back. We made it though and as you can see the view at the top was beautiful!!!

2 Month Old Pictures!

Our baby is 2 months old!!! We love watching Miles develop and change all the time! We went to his 2 month doctors appointment and he weighed 12 lbs and was 23in long. The doctors said he is doing great and gaining weight well! Miles is smiling lots now and trying to talk to us with all of his noises:)
Little chunk!

Jack loves Miles and always wants to lay next to him when we have awake time on the floor!
Family time!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


We went to Dan's cousin Katie's wedding in MI over his spring break and had a great time seeing all the family! Brian and Katie are such a great couple and we are so happy for them!!! Here are some pictures of the wedding! They turned out a little dark with our camera, but enjoy!

Brian and Katie Haber

Miles got to meet his Grandma (Grammy), Uncle John, and Aunt Sabitha that weekend!

Grammy and Miles:)

My Mother-n-law and Sister-n-law

Me and Em!!!

They definitely had fun cutting the cake!

Our family:)

Hangin with Wade and Em at the wedding!

Dan's grandparents

The guys hanging out!

Dan's grandparents were the last standing in the dance for the longest married 60+ years!

Spring Break (Visit to OH)

We had such a fun spring break this year! We traveled back to OH for the first time with Miles and got to spend lots of time with our friends/family:) The last 3 days of the break we spent with Dan's family at his cousin Katie's wedding in MI! Here are some pictures of our time in Ohio!

Spending some time in the sun out by my parents pond!

Loving on Miles.....Keston was so sweet to Miles and so gentle to him! I think he is going to do just fine with his new baby brother Eli:)

One of my favorite things to do is read to Caleb when I come back home to visit! I just LOVE spending time with him!
We had a hang out night with our friends at Andy and Julie's house. I forgot to get the camera out until everyone but David and Heather had left...oops!

Reading to the cousins in the morning:)

Love Caleb's face in this picture!!!

We had a girls night at Olive Garden one of the nights! So good to hang out with all of the's been so long since we have ALL been together! (Well I guess I shouldn't say all of us....Jeni Gardner, we missed you:)

Spending some time with Pa Pa!

Such a good grandpa:)

I also LOVE playing with Caleb in his tent! He could play in there for hours!

Again....Keston couldn't get enough of Miles!

We celebrated Morgan and Maddy's Birthday's at Heather and Zak's house....beautiful girls:)
Caleb and Keston had a ball with all the balloons!!!

Not sure when or why Keston ended up naked playing with the balloons, but I couldn't resist taking this cute!