Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Pics

Here are some random pics of Miles. He turned 5 months old this weekend. He rolled over for the first time today. The doctor said he should be starting to roll over soon and he just hasn't been real motivated to do it. So we have been cheering him on and he finally did it without any assistance:-)

Miles loves his walker! There are so many things on it to play with. Dad and mom like it also because it gives us a little time to get things done like cleaning/making meals while he is entertained!

Father's Day morning.....Miles cuddling with his Dad:)

Colorado Springs Zoo!!!

We went to the zoo here in our city for the first time and loved it! We went with a work thing that paid for us to go. I think it was our favorite zoo we have ever been to! We look forward to going more often! It is a little bit of a hike since it is on the side of a mountain, but even better to get a little bit of a work out:) We had a great time and had fun seeing everyone from my work!

Feeding the giraffes:)

Sleeping lion

I loved this bear!!! He just looked so cuddly:)

This cat cracked us up!!! It made this awful face and just hissed at everyone!

You were able to get so close to all the animals!

Help!!! I'm being mauled by a bear!

Looking out over the zoo and the city

This mountain lion doesn't look so cuddly:-0

I never realized that the moose had the hangy down from it's chin:)

We rode the carousel as a family!

Miles loves to hang out with his dad!

And....Dan got a little carried away here!

This is my friend from work, Jessica's little daughter holding Miles's cute:-)