Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sam and Ashley's Wedding

On May 31st we were in our friends Sam and Ashley's wedding. They are such a fun couple and they both really love the Lord. God's presence was definitely at the wedding and it was a great time! We are excited to hang out with them as a married couple now!

Here are all the bridesmaids and Ashley
Before the wedding....Ashley looked absolutely gorgeous! She did so good and was so calm!

Again all the girls in the wedding

We matched so well, I had to get a picture!

This is Sammy's niece, Kimmy, who was a bridesmaid. She was so much fun and man can she dance!!!

This was such a cool picture of Sam and Ashley that they had everyone sign

This is Brooke from South Carolina, one of the bridesmaids. She was also a lot of fun!

Julie, notice what I'm holding in my hand!
(My sister-n-law made a purse out of the extra material from altering my dress.....she's amazing!)

Here we are with our pastor and his wife. They also married Sam and Ashley.

I had to get a picture of Dan showing off his PINK! I have never seen Dan wear pink till that weekend and I was loving it....I think it's a good color on him:)

This was everyone in the wedding, minus the girl that walked in front of the picture last minute when Ashley went to snap the pic!

Ashley's playing football with the groomsmen:)

Their cake was very pretty, and yes they did smash it in each others faces.

Dan breaking it down on the dance floor!

This is Sam's family doing an African dance on the dance floor. They were all so much fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Memorial Day!

We went to Lancaster on Memorial Day weekend when we got back from our Chicago trip. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with family. As always we laughed a lot and had a great time! Andy and Julie took us to Hocking Hills on Sunday and then on Memorial Day we went to Slate Run Park. We hiked a little there and were able to go to a farm there where you could go around and pet all the animals. Caleb especially enjoyed that!

Here we are in front of Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills!

The guys had a tougher hike because they shared the job of caring Caleb on their backs

Wow.....someone needs to brush their teeth!

Looks like he's doing something he shouldn't be AGAIN....And we wonder why he gets hurt so often?!?!

Can anyone guess what saying Dan is trying to portray???

Here we are at Slate Run Park

Dan petting a bull at the farm.

Awww....Caleb and Grandpa

Caleb loved getting to pet the Cow:)

Here he is checking out the baby ducks

This part was just gross to me! The pigs just smelled awful....not that I expected them to smell like a rose but Wowee!

Look at the pretty cake Julie made for my birthday!!! She did a great job!

It's what best friends do, right?!?!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chicago Trip!!!

We were able to take a little mini vacation with our friends George and Laura. It was absolutely wonderful! We had so much fun and it was relaxing (except for the 20 some miles we walked:) We were able to go to a White Sox and Indians game, go sight seeing down town, and eat at lots of really yummy restaurants!

Here we are on the subway on our way to the game! As you can see the White Sox were going for the sweep and Dan brought his broom (unfortunately they wouldn't let him bring it into the stadium though)

This is the White Sox Stadium, US Cellular Field

Here we are before the game, hoping for another win for the White Sox!

Laura and I had so much fun together eating the yummy stadium food and staying warm under our blankets!

And the Sox won.....The fireworks were so pretty!

This was at one of the parks down along the water. The fountain behind us was beautiful!

Here we are at the Navy Pier. We had a gorgeous day Saturday!

I just love being by water esp on a sunny day!

Laura notice how I put all good pictures on here of our pictures of people sleeping in the back of the car with their mouths wide open:)