Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Visitors:)

My sweet girlfriends all flew out to visit me, and well I guess Miles too:) It was so fun to spend time with them and for them to get to meet Miles! Unfortunately the weather was snowy while they were here so we did lots of shopping:) My sister n' law, Julie, was here for 5 days and Heather and Britnye were here for 3 days. I had so much fun and really appreciated you girls coming out to visit me! I love you!!!!!!Dan and Julie gave Miles a bath the evening after Julie flew in. Miles loves his baths!

He just loves that warm water!

"All clean in my pooh towel while my aunt Julie holds me"

"So I decided to leave aunt Julie a little present in my towel" .....little stinker!!!

"My aunt Julie teaching my mom how to cut my nails"

So sweet with his little stuffed dog:)

Holding his doggie....

We took the girls to Jack Quin's (Our favorite restaurant)

Heather and Jules

Britnye and Me

Yes...those are socks on his hands...he doesn't like to keep his mittens on his hands and he scratched his face a lot the first couple weeks if we didn't keep something on his hands!

Heather and Miles:)

Miles's fan club!

After Heather and Britnye left I took Julie to Garden of the was so pretty with all the snow on the rocks!

Balancing Rock


We had many visitors after Miles was born! My parents were the first. We had Miles on a Wed afternoon and they flew in on Thurs morn. That was the nice part about being induced...we were able to plan much better. They were so helpful while they were here. They helped out with things that needed done around the house (my dad was Mr. fix it while he was here) and helped take care of Miles. Thanks guys for all you did! Love you!!! We also had some visitors the night we came home from the hospital...check out the pics!
The first day we got home from the hospital.

Dan's Uncle David & Aunt Polly and Wade & Emily (his cousin) came over the first night we came home and brought us pizza flowers and gifts:) This is a pic of the guys playing the Wii.

More Wii...

Playing lots of Wii that weekend (It was snowy outside)

Polly, my Mom and Miles

Me, Em, and Miles

She loves him!!!

Hanging out with Miles:)