Saturday, July 25, 2009

Colorado Family Vacation!!!

I've been a little behind in updating our blog lately! We have had a really busy summer with lots of visitors and new things going on with us! This vacation was almost a month ago now, but we had such a great time with everyone! It was sad to see them go, but we were just so thankful that they could come and that we got to spend such quality time with everyone! This post took me a long time because I had such a hard time picking out pictures....that's why I have so many! I don't even think I used half of the pictures from the vacation:) Enjoy!

Dad, Mom, Julie, and I went on a 25 mile bike ride through the mountains. It was one of the most amazing things I think we have ever done! The views were just so gorgeous and most of the trip was just coasting downhill which made it even better:)

The professional riders!

Loving our time together on the trip!

Out to eat at Zacca Za's....

One of the days we just walked around Vail when they had a farmer's market/art show. Julie and Caleb trying on hats in one of the shops!

Caleb liked this guy standing by the tents in Vail. He definitely looked like a statue!

Here's Caleb playing in the fountains on the street.

This pic is so funny! Caleb decided to just run through the fountain and his face was in shock afterwords from how cold the water was:)
We decided to get a pic with the hott skier:)

Can we build it Caleb? Yes We Can!!!
(Dan and Caleb liked to make forts out of the couch cushions)

Pa pa teaching Caleb how to play pool!

Hanging out in the game room....can you tell who is winning here? ...not me!

Concentrating on his next shot

Hanging out by the lake

What did daddy find for Caleb...a crawdad....I think I'll pass on petting him!

Jules and me

Hanging out by the playground....uncle Dan and Keston

Caleb loved playing in the sand:)

Cool dude!

Enjoying the hot tub!

Keston LOVED the pool!

Easing the muscles after all that hiking in the hot tub:)

Hiking up to Hanging Lake! The guys did awesome hiking w/Caleb and Keston on their backs.....I give them credit!

Me and Dad:)

I think this was taken on the way down.....we look pretty happy there!

Is she going to make it???

Everyone made it!

Hanging lake in the beautiful!

Keston was out when we got back!

Grandma and Keston

After Andy and Julie left, Dad and mom stayed with us in CO Springs for a few days.

We took them to Garden of the Gods

A couple of monkeys climbing up the rock!

Monday, July 6, 2009

California Vacation!!!

We decided to go to California this year on vacation because I had never been there and I've always wanted to go! We visited Dan's cousin Aaron and his wife Michelle while we were there and had a great time with them!

Here we are at La Jolla beach!

Michelle and me:)

We loved the seal beach in La Jolla! It was so fun to watch the seals!

The sun setting

Enjoying my ice cream on the beach:)

We got free tickets to the San Diego Zoo and had a great time!

Evening stroll on the beach...

Dan sleeping in the sun!

We rented bikes and rode them along the boardwalk for a couple hours! What a beautiful view on our bike ride of the ocean:)

Aaron and Michelle treated us to some desserts:)

Dan and Aaron

My favorite ice cream place we ate at! Berries and Beans is the name of it and you could choose your flavor and the amount of ice cream and the picture below shows all different kinds of toppings you can add!Here we are out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. Aaron decided to jump it and sing along!

Our last day we went to LA to experience Hollywood Blvd! Wow...definitely a crazy busy place with some crazy strange characters!