Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trip to VW for Caleb's Birthday Party!!!

We went to Van Wert last weekend for Caleb's birthday
party. Andy and Julie invited lots of people so he had a
big cake and lots of presents! Wow, can't believe he's
one already! He had such a fun night and we took lots
of cute pics of him so enjoy!

This is the birthday cake mom made for Caleb
Isn't it adorable?!

This is Caleb when he first started digging in!
Mmmmmm...this tastes delicious:)

Get a bite of this uncle Dan, it's real good!

Awww....he's willing to share with all of us!

Caleb sitting on grandpa's lap opening the sports center
he got from uncle Dan and aunt Katie!

Getting some help from Dan and Britnye to open this one

He got so many presents and the last he opened was his
rocking chair from great grandma Norma Jean:)