Wednesday, November 4, 2009

6 Months Pregnant!

Finally in my 3rd trimester:) Only 3 more months to go and we are very excited! I definitely don't feel ready yet for the baby to be here, but we are working on the room and discussing names currently. So far I've been very blessed because it's been a healthy pregnancy w/no complications! Praise God!

Our first house!

We closed on our first house Sept 14th! We feel so blessed with what God has provided for us with in just the 1st two years of our marriage. It's been a very exciting adventure for us...but also very tiring. We have been doing lots of painting/improvements inside so I will wait to post before and after pictures of the inside. Here are some pictures of the outside though!

Back yard

Our deck

John and Sabitha's Wedding!

Dan's brother John & Sabitha got married on October 3rd! We flew to Texas for the wedding and Dan was in it. They had a beautiful wedding and we really enjoyed getting to see all the family:)

The beautiful bride!

At the reception...

Can't remember what Polly and I were laughing at but it must have been really funny!

Dan's mom and her sisters dancing together:)

Longest married still on the dance floor....Both sets of Dan's grandparents.

Visit to Ohio!

I was able to go back to Ohio to visit friends and family at the end of September. I had such a great time getting to see everyone! My friends/family threw a baby shower for me and it helped tremendously with preparing us with some of the things we will be needing for the baby:)

Julie, Nicki, and me
Going for a bike ride w/dad and mom:)

Hanging out in Wal Mart with my nephew!

Heather, me, Julie, and Laura
Girls night at the mexican restaurant!

Pregnant ladies:) Having a hard time seeing Julie's baby bump in this pic. We'll have to get a better one when I come back to visit at Christmas time!

Keston helping Pa pa put together Andy's grill for his b-day!

Happy Birthday!!!
Opening presents

My Baby Shower!

Hillary, me, Heather, and Julie
Melinda & Judy
Kelley, Ruth, Rose, & Emily
Jackie & Abbi (and their girls:)
Barb, Mary, Ashley, Heather, Hillary, and little Molly

Opening gifts:)

Playing a baby game....
Playing the bottle game...
Thanks Jules for working so hard on my shower!

20 Week Prego Pic

Our 20 week ultrasound went well! We withstood temptation to find out what we're having...going to be a surprise!