Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Dan and I went to my parents house for Mother's Day and had a great time! I picked my grandma up at the airport the day before. She's now home from Arizona for the summer and we love having her around:) Here are the four beauty queens after relaxing on the couches all day:)

This is my family, annoyed with me that I'm interrupting their meal to take a picture for my blog !
I had to put this picture on the blog because I think it is just the coolest thing! My dad painted this picture of Caleb and his two buddies Owen and Payton (all the same age). Isn't it so good?!
Caleb signed his card for grandma and she loved it!

Dan and I love this video of Caleb! He really isn't being a bad boy, he's just doing what any boy would do if he saw a BIG puddle!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Graduation Party!!!

After the graduation on Saturday we had a party for Dan at my Aunt Ruth's house. Lots of his family came and some of mine. It was so good to see and spend some time with family that we don't get to see very often!

This pic is of Dan's aunt and 4 girl cousins that traveled here from Michigan. Also his cousin Matt and his wife Amanda came with their new baby, Owen!

Dan and Poppy playing corn hole.

Dan's cousin Matt and his dad also playing cornhole

Here are all the girls watching the guys play corn hole as we chat away!

Matt, Amanda, and Owen

One of my favorite pics....all the girls! (and Owen)

Dan in his new Toledo Sweatshirt I got him for graduation.

Baba holding her first great grandchild, Owen. Look at his little smile:)

This is Susie and Baba with their Mother's Day presents we gave them!

Here's Caleb walking away after finishing off some of Dan's leftover cake. I love his little smirk and the cake on his face!!!

Here we are Sunday after church!

Us with Dan's family before they left Sunday!

Dan's Graduation

Saturday morning we went to Dan's graduation. It definitely wasn't what we were expecting, let's just put it that way! They were remodeling the basketball stadium, so the ceremony was held in one room and we had to sit in another room and watch in on a big screen. I only got one pic of him on stage and as you can see from below it is blurry, but oh well, he graduated and that's all that counts!

Here we are in another room waiting to watch his graduation on a big screen (as you can see, Poppy is trying to get a pic of me at the same time:)

Dan on stage giving the guy who handed him the diploma a big ol' hug instead of a handshake like everyone else!

Dan and one of his professors after the graduation

His grandparents

His parents

Friday Night

Friday night Dan's grandparents and parents drove up from Evansville, IN for Dan's graduation Saturday. We went out to eat Friday night at Zia's down on the river. It's so pretty there at night and we just enjoyed their company!

In front of Zia's

The girls in front of the river.

There's a boat down on the river that has been made into a museum that the guys are in front of.

Poppy and I looking at our wedding album before we left to eat:)