Saturday, December 29, 2007

First Christmas as a married couple:)

We went to my parents house for Christmas and stayed a few days. We had a great time! I was able to spend some time with my friend Nicki who was home from Germany. We also hung out with lots of other friends and family!

Julie, Nicki, Me

Dad looking at our photo book we made for them for Christmas!

"Help me get this open Dan....I need that doggie toy"

Andy, Julie, and Caleb opening their gifts

Dad got mom this cute sweat suit outfit because he thought she would look hot in it! "She's bringing sexy back"

Caleb did really well opening his gifts! Behind him stands "Jazz" my mom's dog who is pregnant and due to have her puppies Jan 17th!

Dan likes to have Caleb wear his hat!

On Christmas eve we decided to spend some time out in my Dad's new pottery business! We had so much fun! In this picture dad is centering the clay on the wheel so I can begin to make my masterpiece:)

Here I am trying my hardest to keep this pot that I'm making centered

Dan in the zone making a pinch pot and a cross thingy.....Haha!

These are my finished masterpieces. Let's just say I had some help with them!

This is the Cross mail holder Dan made and his pinch pot.

Dan's birthday is 3 days after Christmas so I wanted to post a couple pictures of him on his birthday! He's holding up his Colts of the presents I got him.

Dan celebrates Jack's birthday on his birthday since we're not quite sure the date. Here they are at the park on their birthday!

Emerine Family Christmas

We had the Emerine family Christmas on Dec 9th. It was held at my parents house and everyone had a lot of fun! We had a gift exchange with everyone, played games, and just enjoyed getting to catch up on each others' lives!

Dan and Connor were partners in crime playing Santa! They put on their hats and handed out everyone's gifts!

Everyone mingling and having a great time!

After the Christmas party we spent the night at mom and dad's house along with my sister Heather and her girls and Andy & Julie. We decided to do a girly photo in front of the Christmas tree!

The girls decided we would make a gingerbread house!

Putting on the finishing touches:)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our First Christmas Tree

We started a tradition of going to a tree farm and cutting down our own Christmas tree! We got a map of the tree farm and had so much fun going out to find the one we wanted! We took Jack our dog and we drove home with the tree on the top of our car! Enjoy our pics!

There's the one! Look at that magnificent tree!!!

Dan with Jack holding up his saw ready to hack away:)

Cutting down the tree and loving every minute of it!

Me in the car hoping that we make it home without the tree falling on someone else's car! Maybe someday we will get a truck....

Awww...Family picture after the tree is all decorated!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanksgiving Colorado Trip

For Thanksgiving we went to Colorado to stay with Dan's uncle and aunt and to spend time with all the relatives. We were there for five days and had so much fun every day we were there! His uncle and aunt (David & Polly) live in Woodland Park. It was absolutely gorgeous there and we were able to hike every day we were there. We have lots of pictures and a video of the fun things we did while we were there and all the family we got to spend time with!

This is Polly and me in front of "The Pantry." This
was the restaurant we ate at on Thanksgiving morning!

This is the family:)

We passed a horse ranch on our hike home from the restaurant

This is David and Polly's house!

Me and Poppy (Dan's grandpa)
This was on our hike to the red rocks

Me pretending to be a bear in the cave ready to attack!

Dan made it to the top of the red rocks!
Isn't it gorgeous?!

Dan with his mom Susie

Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving meal

Dan's Aunt Ann and his cousin Ali

Peace, Love, and Rock n' Roll at the Uhers!

"What a serve by Uher. Oh, an amazing return by McCool!"

Saturday morning we all went to Dan's cousin Emily's cosmetology school for a spa day!

We went to Garden of the Gods and enjoyed looking at the beautiful red rocks!

You wouldn't believe the creatures around Woodland Park. Oh, wait, it's just Dan in his long underwear. I think he looks like a ninja turtle!

This was our last hike on Sunday at Mueller State Park

View from the trail at Mueller State Park

The adventurous couple enjoying the view!

The REAL Mountain Men: Dan and Uncle David

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trip to VW for Caleb's Birthday Party!!!

We went to Van Wert last weekend for Caleb's birthday
party. Andy and Julie invited lots of people so he had a
big cake and lots of presents! Wow, can't believe he's
one already! He had such a fun night and we took lots
of cute pics of him so enjoy!

This is the birthday cake mom made for Caleb
Isn't it adorable?!

This is Caleb when he first started digging in!
Mmmmmm...this tastes delicious:)

Get a bite of this uncle Dan, it's real good!

Awww....he's willing to share with all of us!

Caleb sitting on grandpa's lap opening the sports center
he got from uncle Dan and aunt Katie!

Getting some help from Dan and Britnye to open this one

He got so many presents and the last he opened was his
rocking chair from great grandma Norma Jean:)