Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Busy Lives......

Well it's been a while since I have updated our blog. We have been really busy the last couple months. I had gone back to Ohio to visit and to take a class for my job at the beginning of March. Dan has been really busy teaching, coaching, and heading up a camp for the freshman since he is their class sponsor. Oh and did I mention we went to his school prom......yes, as chaperone's. Haven't been to the prom since high school and Dan told me that I would not be allowed to dance because he had to see these kids the next day in class. Haha....I decided not to embaress him. Also we had friends, "The Peake's" come to visit us at the end of March. Then I flew to Arizona in April to spend some time with my grandma, aunt, and mom for a few days. Now we are wrapping up the month of April and next week is Dan's last week of baseball. They are doing really well their record as of today is 9 and 1. I will try to take some pictures at his Monday night game next week and post them. Below I posted some pictures of what we have been doing so enjoy!!!

Girls Weekend in Arizona!

The first weekend in April we decided to have a girls weekend in Arizona! My mom and I both flew to Phoenix and met up with my grandma and aunt Diane. We had such a fun weekend just spending time together and laughing nonstop! We were there for about 4 days. It was definitely a weekend to remember!

This is us in the back of Wrigley mansion. They have made a restaurant inside of the guy's mansion who invented Wrigley gum. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Here we are eating in the mansion.
Grandma, Mom, and me behind the mansion
Mom posing for me:)
Aunt Diane
In front of Wrigley mansion.

Grandma's pool down by the clubhouse...this is where we spent a lot of time just relaxing in the sun...aww.....
This is mom upset that I'm trying to take her pic in her swim suit....haha
Relaxing in the water w/my noodle:)

In front of Grandma's mobile home.....It's definitely an Easter Celebration there! I don't know if you can see in the pic, but she goes all out decorating for Easter in front of her house!

This was at the Elephant Bar and Grill Restaurant

This is Diane and Rick's new house in the mountains that they built north of Pheonix. It is just beautiful! We went up and spent one night there. It isn't finished yet but they are working on it!
The kitchen so far....

Playing Yahtzee late at night!

Peake's Visit to Colorado!!!

We were so excited to have our friends from Ohio come and visit us! We've been missing them a lot and it was just so good to spend quality time with them. They came the week of Dan's spring break and so we planned all kinds of fun stuff to do every day! We took so many pictures so I had to be select about which ones to put on here or I would be on the computer all day! Enjoy!!!

Rocky Mountain National Park

The guys went ahead of us when we were hiking so Britnye and I decided to stop and rest and take a few pictures!

Mostly we were just trying to pretend like we are cool.....

Here we are in Boulder. It was a sunny afternoon and we walked around through the different shops downtown.

Our friends Dave and Liz invited us all over for a cookout and we had a great time!!!

Dr. Schmidt checking Dawson's heart beat:)
Dan and Wade manning the grill.

Dan and Dan catching up!

We hiked the Crags one day and it was also a beautiful day!

Skiing at Copper Mtn. I love this pic of the two of them!

Britnye and I struggling to take this picture as we are about to fall down:)
And you can tell he absolutely loves snow boarding!!!

Britnye and I had a great time skiing together!!! We miss you guys!