Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Show Weekend!!!

We had so much fun the weekend we drove down to the Pumkin Show in
Circleville, OH! We stayed with Andy and Julie for the weekend and so
did George and Laura. We had a great time with everyone and we also
got to see Dan's cousins Aaron and Michelle from California, his cousin
Jon, and his cousin Matt and Amanda (who looks adorable pregnant) all at
the Pumpkin Show. It was a beautiful weekend so we took a hike Saturday
morning with George, Laura, and Owen. The leaves were all changing as
you can see and we had a great time on the hike!

Little Owen is waving:)

Two Hott babes:)

Here we are at the top looking out over the town of Lancaster!

He's so close to walking!

How cute is this little guy in his Colts PJ's?

Julie and I drooling over the largest pumpkin pie we've ever seen!

The winner of the pumpkin show was a 1500lb pumpkin!

Isn't she a gorgeous waitress?! Don't we all
wish we could have bodies like that!

This was a painting on a wall of the pumpkin festival

Have you ever seen a pumpkin
pyramid like that?!?!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hocking Hills Trip!!!

We took at weekend camping trip with our friends Dan and
Britnye. We had a blast! We did a lot of hiking, primative camping, and
made lots of delicious meals over the campfire!
Andy and Julie came to
visit us Sat morning with Caleb and we all hiked. Sun after the camping
trip we stopped at Andy and Julie's for a hot meal and it was great!

"I haven't showered in 2 days and I love every minute of it!"

Instead of where's waldo, it's where's Dan
(give you a hint he's not on the path, and there's two of them)

"Save yourselves!"

What he doesn't know is that I just messed
my pants - a great way to start a hike!

Man, can my wife cook!

Posing as model "Cavewomen"

The only ones hotter than the fire:)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Honeymoon Pics!!!

This is Chichen Itza. The largest Mayan Ruin.
You weren't allowed to climb it, but it was pretty cool to see!

These were the most relaxing
mattresses right on the beach!

Me in my snorkel gear:)
That might be one of the worst pics I've ever taken

We are on a big boat....we just got done
snorkeling and we loved it!

A day on the beach:)

We had just climbed to the top of a Mayan
Ruin called Coba! It was very high up!

Here we are in our gear!!!

This is a zip line we rode over the jungle! So fun!!!

We did an excursion one day out in the jungle
and this is me repelling off of a cliff!

This is a view of our room at our resort! It was amazing!!!

They made us a new towel figure every day on our hot tub!!!

2 More Reception Pics!

Dan pulled out some XXXL underwear
instead of my garder! That definately
got some laughs!

Reception Pics!!!

Wedding Pics!!!