Friday, February 12, 2010

The Birth of Miles:)

Well, I decided to get our Blog back and running again! I was getting some complaints for neglecting to keep up with our blog site and I decided that it's important esp now that we have a new addition to our family for all of our relatives/friends to see pictures and keep up with our lives:) I was going to try to sit down and completely update pictures from Miles birth until now, but I figure I won't overwhelm myself and I will just start out with his birth. I will try to get more pictures up within the next week so check back for more:)

Miles Weber McCool
Feb 3rd, 2010
9lbs 21in

I will try to tell the birth story the best that I remember it! First of all this is me a week before I went into labor.....those of you who saw me right before labor remember that my stomach was....HUGE....:) I had many people ask me if I was having twins....I would just smile, tell them no, and try not to feel like the most enormous woman in the world:) Then I would ask my husband for compliments to boost my self esteem!

This is me right before I went into the labor! Looking like a whale, but feeling great:)

I was induced at about 7:30pm on Feb 2nd. They gave me pitocin to get the process started. When I went into the hospital I was only dilated 1cm. The nurse came in and gave me more and more pitocin all night, but nothing seemed to be happening. I was just getting more uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep at all. I sucked on some suckers and watched the movie 13 going on 30 (some goodies my cousin Emily brought me that night in the hospital). I was still only dilated 1-2cm by morning and the nurse gave me some pain meds at about 4am because I was starting to get more and more uncomfortable. At 6am Dr Baer showed up and said....lets get this show on the road! He broke my water and let me tell you....we thought there was a flood! For those of you that don't know, I found out the day before I was induced from the ultrasound that I had polyhydramnios which is excessive amniotic fluid....part of why my belly got so big....well that and I had a 9lb baby! Anyway, then shortly after breaking my water they gave me an epidural. I was much more comfortable after that. I was able to finally sleep some and then about 1:00 pm the Dr came in and checked and I was 10cm dilated. Dr Baer also had to do a surgery on someone at the same time, so he decided that I should do a couple practice pushes to see if I was ready. Turned out he didn't think I was quite ready yet so he went downstairs to do the surgery and came back up in an hour and a half. At that point I was ready and I only had to push for 15 min and out he came! Miles Weber McCool!

Dan hanging out just waiting for Dr Baer to come back in and deliver the baby!

And there he is!!!! Big Boy Miles! (Me holding him right after he was born:)
I couldn't have been more amazed with what God had given us. He's perfect! The whole process just blew my God just creates our bodies to give birth to such a wonderful life! Sooo AMAZING!!!
He's such a proud father!
Dr. Baer was an AMAZING doctor! For those of you who don't know, he was born in my hometown Van Wert, OH. He said he's delivering his 5,000th baby this year! Crazy! He was so good to us and would just come in and hang out and talk to us! Couldn't have asked for a better doctor!
Love this picture with his hair sticking up!
This is his muscle shot! Dan loves that he looks like he is flexing his muscles already! Haha!
Our New Family:)Miles meeting grandpa for the first time! My parents flew in the next morning and it was soo...good to see them and have them there with me!

Miles meeting his grandma for the first time!
This was right after he was born. We had to give him formula because he had low blood sugar levels. They said that is pretty common with big babies and it takes a lot to keep it up so since I wasn't producing enough milk yet we had to give him formula.

Okay, I'll be of my favorite parts was the food at the hospital! It was so good and I loved being able to order whatever I wanted!!! I pigged out!
Loving on him:)

Wade and Emily came to visit the night he was born and were the first to meet him! I know Miles just loves them already!!!
My friend Laura visiting...

My friend Lindsay visiting....

Lindsay's husband Nate...We often call these two the blonde hair twins:)
Miles in his car seat for the first time going home from the hospital!
Miles meeting Jack for the first time....Jack loves him by the way and always wants to know what he's up to!