Monday, January 26, 2009

Our New Truck!

We had so much fun buying our first car together! We had been wanting a truck (something with 4 wheel drive) to be able to get us up mountains and steep areas with snow. We have gotten our little car stuck a couple of times and what a frustrating thing! So we really liked the Toyota Tundras and finally found a great deal on one! It was used of course, but new to us! Check it out!

Dan driving up in his new truck! You can tell he is a little excited....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st Colorado Winter!!!

Our first winter in Colorado Springs has been wonderful! Everyone told us that the winters would be more mild here than back in Ohio, but we had no idea that meant 50's and 60's in January. We have been able to do lots of hikes and even wear shorts....crazy! The sun also shines so much brighter here that we get sun burnt so much easier than back home, so we've had to be careful about that. All in all though we have really enjoyed getting out and just enjoying all of God's creation. We are just amazed by His beauty all around:)

We did a long hike at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday....what a gorgeous day!

Jack likes to follow Dan when he hikes up the red rocks...makes me nervous!

This picture is from Monday morning we hiked up Mt Herman in Monument, CO....It was beautiful!

There's snow once you get higher up in the mountains right now and Jack loves to dive in head's hilarious!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve we got together with our Ohio friends and had such a great time! Looking at these pictures makes me a little emotional because we have such a history with all of these friends! It really was just so good to see them all again! We stayed up later a couple of those nights than I can remember staying up in a long, long time! It was very bitter sweet to leave!

Julie, Heather, Britnye, me, and Jeni......Laura & Hillary we missed you!

The guys had such a great time playing cards and "Settlers" (sp?)

You can tell we had a great time playing the wii!

The girls also played "Take Two"

This is us at about 3am......zzzzz.....

I think all the girls were asleep on the couch....except maybe Heather. I think she might have still been playing the Wii.......She's not competitive at all....haha sorry Heather I had to!

This is New Years Day.....still playing the Wii!

Taking pictures before we have to leave each other again:(

New Year's Day still....we went out to eat at Olive Garden...yum yum!

Exhausted in the airport, waiting to fly home.

Dan's Birthday!!!

Dan turned 27 this year! We were in Ohio on his birthday and he wanted to hang out with some of his guy friends and watch that's what we did! We got together at Sam and Ashley's house and the guys were able to watch some football and play cards! We had a great time!

Enjoying some guys time!

It turned out pretty good for me too because I got to hang out with some of my girls!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Christmas 2008"

What a great holiday! We flew back to Ohio to spend time with family and friends for the holidays. We really feel like God has blessed us so much with our health, family, and friends. We couldn't be more thankful! We took lots of pictures of our trip so enjoy!

We took this family photo after Caleb and Keston went to it's not complete, but the best we got!

I love this picture!!! I think Caleb is just so cute when he dances!

Dan had left for Colorado before Keston was born, so this was his first time seeing him! He's such a smiley baby!

He sticks out his tongue like that all the time...he's so cute!

Christmas morning...Caleb is opening his animal farm and I think it was his favorite gift of them all!

I was surprised to get the Willow Tree Nativity scene I had asked for Christmas!

Dad and Mom with their photobook we made them for Christmas

Caleb loves monkey's ....and he likes to act like them too!

Keston in his 1st Christmas shirt! He liked watching everyone open presents:)

Julie got a bike!

Me trying to maul Dan with my new ski gloves!

Julie and I spent hours making these chocolate Christmas treats (Julie calls them chocolate turds...I don't think that is a very appetizing name:) Anyway, they turned out absolutely delicious!

Caleb with his new game!

Christmas with the Casey's!

Pic with our DAD:)

Somebody got a trash can for Christmas and Caleb just loved putting it on his head!

We all got together at George and Laura's house that sat night! We had a great time getting to see them again...we played guitar hero!

I don't know what Dan is doing in this picture.....

We went bowling one night with dad and mom and the Brubaker family!

She's a professional.....can't ya tell?!?!

Always has a big cheese on his face!

C'mon muscles....pick up that ball!

We babysat Caleb one night and he just cracked us up the whole time! He was being a little helper getting the bucket and helping clean up by the fireplace!

Shh......don't tell mom we had lots of chocolate ice cream right before bed!

Worn out by the end of the night!

Mom decorates the the tree so pretty!