Sunday, August 17, 2008

Colorado Trip

Last weekend I flew to Colorado to see Dan and to go to his cousin Emily's wedding. Dan has been in Colorado since the last week in July. It was so good to see him again and we were able to sign a lease to our new town house. Below are some pics of our new home and I will post more after we get the house completely set up and unpacked. We were able to spend some quality time with all of Dan's extended family since everyone was in town for Wade and Emily's wedding. It was so fun to see everyone and we always have so much fun when we are all together!

Wade and Emily got married outside at a golf course. It was so beautiful with the mountains in the background.

Emily and her Dad.....she looked beautiful!

Dan's Uncle David and Aunt Polly and they looked great that day!
Dan and his cousins/aunt from Michgan

Me with all the girl cousins from Michigan!
Dan and the girls

Giving Aunt Ann from California a kiss!

Amanda and me

Us with Dan's brother and mom

Dan's grandpa and grandma

Here we are with Dan's brother John and his girlfriend Sabitha

Dan's grandpa paid for us to stay at a bed and breakfast on fri night before the wedding. It was so nice inside and Jack got to stay too!

No you are not seeing double.....this is another black lab that lived where the bed and breakfast was. He loved it!

Jack loved the horses....I can't believe they let him get that close!
Here we are with John and Sabitha...the bed and breakfast had a great view of the mountains!And here's our new house!!! It's so great and we have a view of the mountains from our living room window! They moved all our stuff in last week.

Our townhouse is the one in the middle

This is our living room. We didnt' get very many pictures, but I will post more when I get there!

This is Dan's high school

We were able to go in and see his classroom and it's a nice building!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Girls Night!!!

We decided to have a girls night friday night with the 6 of us before I move and before Julie has her baby. We had such a great time! I can't remember the last time I have laughed that much! Not only are these girls absolutely hillarious, but they are so special to me and everytime we get to do something like this I just cherrish the time with them. I just can't get over what wonderful friends they are!
What every girl loves to do with her ice cream!

Here we are on Laura's couch. We ate Wild Willy's pizza, got ice cream, and then spent the night at Laura's!

Family Time

This weekend I went with Andy and Julie to Van Wert to visit Dad and Mom. Grandma came too and we decided to get a couple pics outside after church. I thought they turned out really good so I wanted to post them!
Mom, Grandma, and Me
I love my Dad!

One Year Anniversary!!!

On our one year anniversary we were in the middle of our move so we couldnn't do anything real big. We just went out to eat at Olive Garden and we also finished getting the rest of the few small items moved into the garage for the movers to come get the next morning. A lot of people talk about how hard the first year of marriage can be, but I really wouldn't change any of it! God allowed us to experience a miracle as he healed Dan's back. After almost a year of back pain we decided to get up every morning and pray and spend time with the Lord together and God healed his back within just a few weeks. We also went through many times of laughter and many growing times too. We love each other more after the first year than we did when we got married! Now, as we embark on our new adventure to Colorado we are excited to see what else he has in store for us!
Taking a bite of our cake topper from our wedding. It was very dry and nasty so we threw it away after the first bite!

Dan in front of our first house.
Here I am the next morning in front of our garage. These are all of our belongings boxed up and ready for the movers to come get!

Going Away Party:(

Last Sunday our friends threw us a going away party and it was very bitter sweet. It was definitely an emotional day for us. Our church prayed for us Sunday morning to send us away with God's blessing and to support us. We are just blown away at the friendships we have made here. So very deep and intimate. We are excited when we think about going on an adventure that God is taking us on, but so very sad to be leaving the AWESOME life that God has given us here. So we have to look at it as we are taking those friendships and people we love with us and will have to continue to further them at a distance. At our party they had a glass container that everyone filled by writing us encouraging notes and letters. Wow, it was so incredibly hard and encouraging to read them all! God is so good and has blessed us with so many amazing people here. We pray that he continues to do that wherever we go! Thanks everyone for all you have done for us while we have been here!
These girls will be very sorely missed, but I know I will continue to have deep friendships with them all even being so far away.

Dan and all his guy friends playing basketball in the pool!

I just love this picture of Julie and Caleb!
These are my girls! Ashley and I with the girls in my sunday school class....they are all so sweet and I love their smiling faces!
Ashley, Ella, and Allison
My little buddy!
(Family) Ruth, Mom, Grandma, Denise, and Lloyd