Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This last weekend was Julie's birthday! They drove to Toledo for a surprise birthday party and we all had such a great time! It was good to see Andy, Julie, and Caleb again! We had the birthday party on Saturday night at our friends David and Heather's house. Enjoy the pics!

Julie with her birthday cake! I made her a pink panther birthday cake and it was yummy:)

Julie excited about her presents!

Here are the guys having an intelligent we decided to make our own fun:)

Girls just want to have fun.......

Me and the birthday girl!

Caleb had more fun riding on Dan's shoulders than it shows in the picture.....haha! I just had a hard time catching the perfect time to snap the picture when he was smiling.

Party, Party, Party!

Hillary breaking out the catch phrase game!

Caleb and Addison had so much fun together!

Addison liked to spin Hillary in the computer chair:)

Loving on my nephew!

Addison giving Caleb a sweet!