Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Pics

Here are some random pics of Miles. He turned 5 months old this weekend. He rolled over for the first time today. The doctor said he should be starting to roll over soon and he just hasn't been real motivated to do it. So we have been cheering him on and he finally did it without any assistance:-)

Miles loves his walker! There are so many things on it to play with. Dad and mom like it also because it gives us a little time to get things done like cleaning/making meals while he is entertained!

Father's Day morning.....Miles cuddling with his Dad:)

Colorado Springs Zoo!!!

We went to the zoo here in our city for the first time and loved it! We went with a work thing that paid for us to go. I think it was our favorite zoo we have ever been to! We look forward to going more often! It is a little bit of a hike since it is on the side of a mountain, but even better to get a little bit of a work out:) We had a great time and had fun seeing everyone from my work!

Feeding the giraffes:)

Sleeping lion

I loved this bear!!! He just looked so cuddly:)

This cat cracked us up!!! It made this awful face and just hissed at everyone!

You were able to get so close to all the animals!

Help!!! I'm being mauled by a bear!

Looking out over the zoo and the city

This mountain lion doesn't look so cuddly:-0

I never realized that the moose had the hangy down from it's chin:)

We rode the carousel as a family!

Miles loves to hang out with his dad!

And....Dan got a little carried away here!

This is my friend from work, Jessica's little daughter holding Miles's cute:-)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ohio Visit!

Towards the end of May Miles and I flew back to Ohio to visit the fam/friends! I was a little nervous about flying with him by myself, but it all worked out fine (despite the blow out he had on the plane...all the way up the back to his neck:) We swam, went to the zoo with the family, and relaxed! Enjoy the pics!

Miles's first time in the water!

Caleb and Keston LOVE the water!
Me and Caleb on my Birthday!

I turned 27 this year:)

We really enjoyed taking pics of Miles and Eli. They are exactly 2 months apart!

After so many pictures Miles stared to melt down and Eli was getting so hungry he was trying to eat Miles's head!
The boys with their great grandma "GG"

The boys with their grandma:)
Caleb loves Miles...not so sure he wanted Caleb to hold him at the time though...

Miles and Eli were on similar schedules so the pack n play came in handy so we could change them at the same time!

Keston LOVES his Papa!!!

Eli is so sweet:)

Julie building something in the sand...

Miles and Eli holding on to each other...

Heather, Morgan, me, and Julie at the Toledo Zoo!
Miles slept a lot at the zoo...good thing he was free to get in:)

Caleb and Grandpa

Keston and Maddy

Heather and her girls

Susie's Visit!

Dan's mom, Susie, came to visit on Mother's Day weekend in May! We only got pictures from one day while she was here because we lost our camera on the hike (we think anyway). We had beautiful weather on Mother's Day to go hiking and everyone had a great time!

Everyone on the hike (minus Emily who is taking the pic:)

Stopped to have a little picnic

Someone wasn't happy laying on the ground:-)

Polly and Susie (sisters:)

Susie got to spend lots of time with Miles that week. She watched him while I was at work!

On a walk in Woodland Park